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JCS 2018 Christmas ornament issue


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Yes, I realize it isn’t even July yet, but there’s a reason I’m thinking about Christmas ornaments.  The sneak peek of the Just Cross Stitch 2018 Christmas ornament issue was released, and I was thrilled to see I had made the front cover.  My ornament is the reindeer, center right on the cover.  My sister did a beautiful job with the finishing.  It’s a very special thing to be able to work with your sister in creative endeavors.

If I recall correctly, the issue comes out in August.  It’s something I look forward to every year.  When it’s delivered to my mailbox, I set it aside until I have some time to look through it.  I make it a special moment in the day; I make a cup of coffee, and read through all the stories and recipes.  If stitching smalls is your thing, it’s a great issue to have.  If you subscribe to the magazine, you automatically get this issue.  But even if you don’t subscribe, I believe it’s worth the money to purchase, especially if you find even a few ornaments you would like to stitch.  I’ve found some great recipes in the pages as well.

Even though I am more into the designing side of things, I am still a fan.  In other words, I still love looking at what’s out there, and just admiring all the talent and artistic abilities others possess.  I also find it refreshing to think of cooler days while I’m in the intense heat of summer, and reading Christmas memories and looking at Christmas stitches helps me to do so.

Hope you are having a lovely summer!


New Year, New Plan


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Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!  Although I love Christmas and the beauty that accompanies the season, I also enjoy January, with its slower, quieter days and the clean fresh start that comes with a new year.  I’ve been spending some time making business plans and one of my new strategies is to move to a quarterly release of designs.  It gives me more time in between to design and stitch as I’m not constantly preparing and prepping charts for monthly publication.  It also allows my work to be seen more as a whole rather than as one piece here and there, which I believe will give a better picture overall of my designing style.

I have three pieces set for release next Friday and here is a sneak peek at one of them…

Sneak Peek

This one is called the Rose Queen Sampler and uses my absolute favorite red, Buckeye Scarlet from The Gentle Art.

I hope your winter days and nights are peaceful and filled with some quality stitching time.