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New Releases


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As we await our first true snowfall of the year, I am pleased to introduce you to my newest cross stitch charts.  They will be released this Friday, just as the snow starts to fly.  As I shared before, I am moving to quarterly releases this year so expect the next grouping of designs sometime in March, if all goes according to plan.

My first release is the Rose Queen Sampler.  This piece is stitched on 32-count opalescent linen from Zweigart using two threads from The Gentle Art (Buckeye Scarlet and Cast Iron Skillet), with a stitch count of 107 x 99.  If you want to stitch this chart, you will need two skeins of each floss.  Before designing this little sampler, I had in mind to design a piece that only used red and black and also had something to do with roses.  I love roses but sadly, cannot grow them.  I have tried several times but they always end up dying.  For me, they are just too much work and the constant spraying to keep the beatles away really turns me off.  Years ago, we lived in a trailer home on a 20-acre property.  The couple who rented to us lived in the main farmhouse, a beautiful home built in the 1700s.  The wife’s name was Rose and, appropriately enough, she loved roses.  When I say she loved roses, I truly mean it.  She had over 100 rose bushes around her home, from hybrid teas to grandifloras and floribundas to climbing roses.  They were stunning but she worked constantly to keep them that way.  I loved coming home from work in the late spring to find a huge vase of gorgeous cut roses on our front stoop.  Roses filled her house all through the spring and summer…it was a very special place.  Also in my rose memories is a rose bush my mother had when I was a child.  It was next to our house and was a deep, dark red rose.  I believe it was called ‘Abe Lincoln’ and I loved taking a rose to my teacher when the bush started to bloom.  That was the rose I had in mind when designing this pattern.  I wanted a saturated red for the roses, which is why I went with Buckeye Scarlet.  However, all Buckeye Scarlets are NOT created equal!  Many of them do not contain the deep red I was searching for.  It took a while but I finally found two skeins with the dark red, which was exactly what I had in mind.

The framing was done by the wonderful women at the Framer’s Nook at Stitch ‘N Stuff in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Rose Queen Sampler

The next piece is called True Love and is stitched on 40-count Lakeside Linen (‘Flagstone’), using Classic Colorworks silk (icing and strawberry shortcake), with a stitch count of 74 x 76.  I was designing another piece when I came up with the doily-type pattern that is used in True Love.  It wasn’t working for the original piece so I pulled it out and saved it.  When I opened it later, the words ‘true love’ popped into my mind so I designed them and inserted them, along with a little color in the border, which reminds me of a ribbon running through the lace.  Framing was also done by the Framer’s Nook.

True Love

The last piece for this month is called More Love More Prayer.  The quote is by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and is a beautifully-stated reminder to be in constant prayer for those we love.  It was stitched on 32-count linen (‘cream’ by Zweigart), using threads from The Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and DMC with a stitch count of 90 x 78.

More Love More Prayer

Right now, I am furiously stitching away so I can get the next pieces in to the framer.  I have stitched and ripped, stitched and ripped and stitched and ripped again a border for the one piece and it is driving me crazy!  First, I didn’t like the design of the border and then I didn’t like the floss color I had chosen.  As much as I originally loved the piece, I am so ready to be done and move on.  I hope your stitching experiences have been much more pleasant.  What are you working on these days?


New Year, New Plan


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Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!  Although I love Christmas and the beauty that accompanies the season, I also enjoy January, with its slower, quieter days and the clean fresh start that comes with a new year.  I’ve been spending some time making business plans and one of my new strategies is to move to a quarterly release of designs.  It gives me more time in between to design and stitch as I’m not constantly preparing and prepping charts for monthly publication.  It also allows my work to be seen more as a whole rather than as one piece here and there, which I believe will give a better picture overall of my designing style.

I have three pieces set for release next Friday and here is a sneak peek at one of them…

Sneak Peek

This one is called the Rose Queen Sampler and uses my absolute favorite red, Buckeye Scarlet from The Gentle Art.

I hope your winter days and nights are peaceful and filled with some quality stitching time.


New Ornament Releases


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Hello to you all!  The last four ornaments in my series, A Mid-Century Modern Christmas, will be released tomorrow.  Thanks again to my darling sister Valerie for her beautiful finishing work.  I loved designing this series and am looking forward to doing another Christmas ornament series sometime in the future.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree



For this last ornament, I was inspired by the scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas, where Linus and Charlie Brown go to the tree lot to pick out their tree.  We all know that Lucy wanted Charlie Brown to get “the biggest aluminum tree” he “could find, maybe painted pink!” and Charlie Brown certainly had plenty of options.  Even though he ended up choosing a real tree, I was always intrigued by the scene of the crazy Christmas tree lot and all the modern trees and their colors.  It was 1965 and as Linus said, the trees on that lot “fit the modern spirit”….that modern spirit being what we now call mid-century modern.  Here’s the last ornament, Tree Lot.

Tree Lot

And here is the whole kit and caboodle!

A Mid-Century Modern Christmas

I’m looking forward to Christmas so I can decorate with these ornaments.  Still figuring out where to put the aluminum Christmas tree…


A Mid-Century Modern Christmas


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Good morning! The big day has finally arrived! This is the first time I’ve designed an entire series of ornaments so I’m very excited about it. As you know, the theme is A Mid-Century Modern Christmas. There is something about that time that feels very nostalgic, even if you never lived through it. It was a peaceful decade after the incredible turmoil of World War II, a time when Baby Boomers were growing up and things were prosperous in our nation.

It was the day after Christmas last year when I got the idea for a series of ornaments with a 1950s feel to them. Right away, I sat down at the computer, opened my designing software and a few hours later, the first ornament was born. Over the next few months, the ornament designs grew until I had a collection of them. They were all stitched and ready for finishing by April. Now the big problem…what to do about finishing? I had already finished Crow On Snow a few months back and it was much easier than I thought, thanks to Vonna Pfeiffer’s tutorials. However, there are 12 pieces in this series and the thought of finishing that many ornaments was a little overwhelming to me, especially considering I knew I wanted some of them finished as little pillows and sadly, sewing is something I know little about. I immediately thought of my youngest sister, Valerie, who is a quilter and has done cross stitch and loves embroidery. I knew she was much more handy with a sewing machine than I and I know she is very creative in her crafting. I approached her with the task of finishing my ornaments…she had never done work like this before but she accepted the job. I’m afraid I was probably not very good at communicating what I wanted – I just spoke in general terms of what I thought I wanted the ornaments to look like. I did give her some trims, from Dames of the Needle (I love her hand-dyed trims) and amazingly enough, we also found some rick-rack that was our grandmother’s, still in the package, probably from around the mid-century period. Val was able to use that as well which I think is wonderful…keeping it authentic.

rick rack

In June, I received a package in the mail from Val and to say I was completely delighted with how the ornaments turned out is an understatement. She did an absolutely amazing job finishing them and I was more than thrilled with them. As long as she is willing, I think I have a finisher for future projects. I love her very much and am so proud of her work and her willingness to help me succeed in this project of mine.

I’d also like to thank Lisa Smith, of The Village Stitchery Shop, who got a sneak peek of all the ornaments back in April and was so encouraging to me.  She even pointed me in the right direction to an antiques mall where I found a silver aluminum Christmas tree, to use as a prop for my ornaments.

The first four ornaments will be released this Friday, with the next four following at the end of September and the last four at the end of October.

May I present, the first four ornaments in A Mid-Century Modern Christmas, in order…Aluminum Tree, Bell, Greetings and Ho Ho Ho.

Aluminum TreeBellGreetings Ho Ho Ho




Big Announcement!


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The big announcement is that Misty Hill Studio is releasing a series of 12 Christmas ornaments, beginning on August 28. Maybe you can guess the theme. A picture a day will be posted as a hint…can you figure it out? The theme will be officially announced this Saturday.

First hint…

clock radioIf you have a guess as to what the theme will be, leave a comment!


Clover and Lace


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Clover and Lace will be released this Friday, along with many other designs to celebrate Hoffman Distributing Company’s 30th year in business.  This piece was stitched on 40-count Weeks Dye Works linen (Straw) using DMC and threads from The Gentle Art.

Clover and LaceWhen I found this quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay, I knew right away I wanted to chart it because this is exactly what I do.  We have a four acre property and probably mow a little over two acres of it.  When I mow, I mow around the red clover, Queen Anne’s lace and every other beautiful wildflower I see.  I love red clover – the color is so vibrant and the blooms are fairly large, compared to the white clover that is also around here.  Red clover is also very useful medicinally speaking….look it up sometime.

red cloverred clover

Queen Anne’s Lace is equally as fascinating.  I love it as a filler in my summertime bouquets.  You might not know this but another name for Queen Anne’s Lace is ‘wild carrot’ which is why I tucked two little bunnies into my sampler just for fun.  That, plus the fact that I love bunnies.

white queen anne's lace

Queen Anne's Lace Ask for Clover and Lace at your local needlework shop!


New Releases


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Hello everyone!  Here are my new springtime releases.

A Life Well-Lived is stitched on 32-count Picture This Plus linen (“Wren”) using threads from DMC and The Gentle Art with a stitch count of 84 x 155.  The quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A Life Well-Lived


Crocus Crazy is stitched on 40-count Lakeside Linen (“Flagstone”) using Classic Colorworks silks, with a stitch count of 73 x 55.

Crocus Crazy


I hope you enjoy my springtime offerings.  Flowers are obviously on my mind!


Cross Stitch Humor


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As I was stitching this afternoon, I started thinking about why all of us stitch. I’m firmly convinced it is because we were fed subliminal messages through the radio and because of that, we were kind of brainwashed into stitching.

vintage radio

Did you ever think of that? Many songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s were all about cross stitching and needlework.  I was amazed when I actually realized that this afternoon.

Don’t believe me? Well, stroll down memory lane with me…

Sing along as you read the lyrics…

I Can’t Fight this Stashing

I can’t fight this stashing any longer

And yet I’m still afraid to let anyone know

What started as a hobby

Has grown stronger

I only wish I had the strength to let it go…


(remember that one?)

How about this one?

If there’s something strange

On your linen goods,

Who ya gonna call?


If there’s something weird

And it don’t look good

Who ya gonna call?


I ain’t afraid of no slubs!

That was a great song from 1984…I’m still not afraid of the slubs!


Here’s another one…

American Dye

Buy, buy, your floss overdyed

Drive your Chevy to your LNS and get your supply

Fill up your stash, never let it run dry

Saying, I don’t care if I use it before I die

vintage radio

Elvis apparently liked needlework, too, although not all forms. He was quite clear about which form of needlework he didn’t like in this song…

Don’t do crewel

Or you’ll feel like a fool

No one does it anymore

You can’t even buy it at the store!


One of my favorites was a 1970s disco song called Stitching Queen…see if this takes you back in time.

Stitching Queen,

Collecting stash since I was 17

Stitching Queen

Feel the floss, oh, admire the sheen (oh yeah)

You can count, you can SAL

Having the time of your life

Ooh, see that girl, she’s a needlework machine

Sing it, the Stitching Queen


One of my husband’s favorites is this song from 1983…

Every stitch you take

Every count you make

You can’t take a break

Now you’ve made a mistake

You’ll be frogging soon…


Some groups really understood the frustrations we stitchers have.  I don’t feel so alone when I sing along with Survivor on this one…

Eye of the needle

It’s a terrible fight

Risin’ up to the challenge of bifocals…


And another one which helped us survive our frustrations…

Blinded by Ott Lite

Wrapped up in my threads

In the middle of the night…


Even the Beatles got into the act with such hits as I Wanna Stitch In-Hand and We Can Frog It Out.

Some other stitching songs I can remember…

You’ve Lost That Stitchin’ Feeling

Take My Stash Away

Are You Frogging Tonight?

(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Floss Box

Maybe you can think of some more?  I know there are more songs out there…


(with great apologies to REO Speedwagon, Ray Parker, Jr., Don McLean, Elvis, ABBA, The Police, Survivor and Manfred Man’s Earth Band)

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