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Thankful (a free pattern)


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November has arrived, bringing with it thoughts of Thanksgiving and times with family and friends.  To celebrate the new month, I designed a free chart which can be quickly stitched up and finished in time for your Thanksgiving gathering.  I stitched mine in just a few hours, on a piece of scrap linen I had on hand, with DMC threads.

(For those wondering minds, it is a scrap of 28-ct. Irish linen by Charles Craft.  I think I scored the entire tube for a quarter at a yard sale a few years back.)

If you click on this link, it will take you to the gallery of my website, where you can view and print the free download.  Enjoy!




Green Thoughts (and a freebie!)


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Sounds like a save-the-environment kind of post, doesn’t it? No, nothing like that…I’m just thinking green today in an attempt to escape the white world in which I currently live. More snow today, record-breaking low temperatures tonight…no wonder the thought of green is so pleasant today.

Green is such a restful color. Maybe that’s why there is so much of it in our world. The vibrant greens of spring are so welcome after winter. As the season ages and spring turns to summer, the greens darken into a cooling color which helps our eyes and mental well-being as the temperatures soar. Green rejuvenates us and refreshes us. Green calms us and restores us.

In the spirit of late-winter restoration, join me in thinking green…


green threads and linen

envy zinnia


front porch



spring green

preying mantis

lily-of-the-valley china

shamrocks and clover

Speaking of green, the green holiday is just around the corner. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I designed and stitched a little freebie for your stitching pleasure. I’m calling it “Green Rhyme” and it’s just a friendly warning about stepping outside on March 17 without wearing the proper color. Hopefully, you’ll have time to finish it in some cute way. If you do, I’d love to see it.

Green Rhyme

If you’re interested, the free pattern is on the gallery page of my website. After it was put up, I realized that the pattern uses the symbol ‘H’ but I didn’t paste from the symbol page of the software. No matter, it only uses one color and that’s Shutter Green from The Gentle Art.