As you may know, I designed a series of 12 Christmas ornaments this year with a mid-century theme and titled the series A Mid-Century Modern Christmas.  Part of the fun of designing ornaments is knowing that you now have 12 new ornaments with which to decorate.  This past spring, we bought an aluminum Christmas tree to use as a photographic prop.  After seeing it set up, I really wanted to use it in our Christmas decorations.  However, there is currently no room in the house.  We have plans to convert our breezeway into a library and that would be a good place for it but not until next year.  So….what to do with my ornaments??  I still wanted to decorate with them in a way that had that mid-century feel.  Thus began the wheel-turning in my mind.

I collect Pyrex dishes of all kinds and colors.  Several years ago, my husband arranged them for me on top of our kitchen cabinets.  He grouped them by color and even put plastic containers inside the nesting bowls so each would be seen, rather than disappearing inside one another.  As I was thinking of where to put my mid-century ornaments, the Pyrex collection came to mind.  I took the branches from the aluminum tree and placed them on the cabinets in front of the Pyrex and then I nestled the ornaments all around.

It’s hard to take overall shots of something that is so spread out but here are a few to give you an idea of how it looks…

mid-century ornaments and Pyrexmid-century ornaments and Pyrexmid-century ornaments and Pyrexmid-century ornaments and Pyrex

mid-century modern ornaments and Pyrex

How have you used your decorating smarts in a creative way?  I would love to know!