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My First Finish!


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Hello, cross stitching friends!  Recently I finished designing and stitching a small piece with only two thread colors.  I was inspired last year by all the crows walking around on the deep snow that blanketed our yard all last winter.  I jotted down the idea and early this past October, I designed it.  After stitching it, I wondered how in the world I was going to finish it.  Most of my pieces have been framed but I had something different in mind for this one…maybe a wall-hanging of some sort?  Unfortunately, I can’t sew even though many women on my mother’s side were talented seamstresses.  My great-grandmother used to cut her dress patterns out of her newspaper and my grandmother sewed many of our doll clothes.  Sadly, I was not taught to sew and because of time constraints (and too many other crafts) will probably never learn.

I needed a way to finish my piece that did not involve sewing and so I began my Internet search to find some help.  Somehow I came across the blog of an amazing woman who does needlework and offers free tutorials of many creative ways to finish a piece.  Her step-by-step instructions were carefully laid out and I started to believe that maybe even I could do it.  So, armed with my careful instructions, I went to the store, bought all the supplies and got to work.

I did not finish it perfectly but it still turned out beautifully, in my opinion, especially for someone who was doing this for the first time.  Since the thread colors were white and black, I wanted the finish to reflect the colors and to offer a little formality to the piece because after all, crows can be very formal birds.

Here is “Crow On Snow”…..it will be released next week:

Crow on Snow

Thanks to the kind generosity of this lovely lady, I now have confidence in finishing small pieces.  I have even started designing and stitching my first Christmas ornament series, now that I know how to finish them…..the thought of an ornament series always intimidated me because of the finishing.  I can’t wait to stitch and finish them and share them with you.

I’m sure you are familiar with this very giving woman and have seen her beautiful stitching and finishing on charts of some of the most well-known needlework designers.  Her name is Vonna Pfeiffer and you can find her tutorials here.  Reading her blog makes you feel as if you are visiting a dear friend in her cozy and comforting home.  One of her goals for this year is to deepen her prayer life.  She has even asked for prayer requests from her readers and has promised to pray for them.  That speaks volumes to me about what kind of a person she is.  She has most definitely been a blessing and encouragement to me.  Thank you, Vonna!

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  1. vonnap

    What a most generous and lovely post Holly! I adore Crow on Snow and I think your finish is perfectly beautiful! Congratulations and Good Luck in your new Christmas series! You know I will be watching with bated breath! My prayer for you is a fruitful year as you bring us new and most lovely cross stitch designs!

    • Holly Post author

      I am so very thankful for your encouragement! You make it possible for so many of us to look like we know what we’re doing! 😉

  2. Carol C

    Very nice finish Holly, and yes Vonna is very kind to share all of her finishing tutorials and beautiful finishes. She is truly an inspiration.
    Nice job, look forward to seeing more of your finishes in the future.

  3. Annie

    That is just the cutest design and you did a fabulous finish. Vonna’s tutes are the greatest. I found your blog from Vonna’s FB post. Good luck with your new endeavor!

    • Holly Post author

      I was pleased with how it turned out as well. Now I have other options instead of spending an arm and leg at the framer’s! 😉 Thanks for visiting, Annie!

  4. lisa k

    WOW…cool design and fabulous finish!! You also are an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing. I’m a fan of Vonna and found your link on her site…looking forward to your other designs! Lisa k

    • Holly Post author

      I’m so glad you like it, Lisa! I’ve always thought of crows as regal birds so a black-and-white finish was especially classy and appropriate.

  5. mouse

    how lovely is your design … and well done to Vonna and her instructions ….she does the most gorgeous finishes doesn’t she 🙂 looking forward to seeing more of your work …. love mouse xxxxx

    • Holly Post author

      Thank you, Mouse! Yes, her finishes are incredible….someday I’m going to have a Christmas tree filled with stitched treasures like hers! I do have a website where there is a gallery of some more of my designs. Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Ana-maria Roat

    Hi there Holly-Made my way over from Vonna’s blog. Welcome to bogland! Master Crow is lovely. We have several that spend the winter with us and I think they are pretty cool. Can’t wait to see your next design…

    God’s Blessings for a new year full of wonder and success!

  7. Amanda

    Beautiful design and awesome finishing for your first time. Way to go! I too, have found Vonna’s tutorials quite helpful over the years. I look forward to seeing your ornaments!

  8. Donna

    I love your ‘crow in the snow’ pattern. I love birds so much, and have stitched many. I’m a huge fan of Vonna’s and read her blog regularly. I found your link on her site. She is a wonderful woman, and a truly talented stitcher.
    I have finished so many of my ornaments with Vonna’s tutorials.
    I look forward to your Christmas ornament designs. I do love your style of designing. ~ donna

  9. Jessica T

    I love your Crow on Snow design! I can’t wait to see what else you will be creating. I love Vonna’s tutorials too! I think it is most wonderful that she shares her talent for finishing.

    • Holly Post author

      Hi Jessica! Yes, Vonna is incredibly generous in sharing her talents with all of us. I do have several more designs….if you visit the Gallery section of my website, you will see them. I’m so glad you like ‘Crow On Snow’!

  10. Jannie

    Lovely design. Listen…if Vonna says it, let it be so. She is a stitching goddess and so very talented and generous. Suck her brains I tell you. Welcome to blogging and thx for creating the lovely design. You are making everyone smile.

  11. Barbara Sturtz

    Vonna has given you a fabulous endorsement and I wish you all kinds of success. Your “Crow in the Snow” is wonderful and I look forward to stitching it. Best of luck 🙂

  12. Pat

    My dear friend Vonna told me about your wonderful blog. I had to come and check it out. Your first design and finish are very sweet. Vonna is an amazing person! Her talent and creativeness are outstanding. She is such a kind and amazing friend! I thank God everyday for her….

  13. Jan

    Your design is adorable and I think the finish is perfect. So many of us have learned from Vonna and been befriended by her here blogdom. Congrats on the new design. I look forward to seeing man more.

  14. Lisa In Texas

    Love your design and finish. Yes, Vonna is an inspiration and an excellent source to help you finish your pieces. It is so nice when people that love stitching help others to grow in their knowledge. I will be following your blog and look forward to seeing your designs.

    • Holly Post author

      You are so right, Lisa! I am a self-taught stitcher but I can’t grow unless I take the time to learn from others who have much more expertise than I. Even though cross stitch is a hobby for most of us, we should be desiring to always take the next step in learning more. People like Vonna help us all to do that! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  15. MarieP

    i knew it..I knew it…the finishing looks exactly like Vonna’s! 😀 I thought maybe you had her do the finishing. She is AWESOME.

    I love your design and look forward to seeing more.

  16. Maggy

    Congratulations on your first art design , it is beautiful! I will be following your blog because I’m sure your next project will be coming very soon!

    • Holly Post author

      Thank you for following my blog, Maggy…so glad to have you here! I actually have several designs floating around out there in cross stitch world. If you go to the gallery section of my website, you can see them.

  17. Judy

    Love, love, love your little Crow on Snow design. And you did a great job on the finishing.
    I was visiting Vonna’s blog and she mentioned you there, that is how I found you.
    Yes, she is an inspiration to many of us and we love her tutorials.
    Can’t wait to see your ornament series. I make each family member one each year..10 at the present time, so am always on the lookout for new designs.
    Wishing you the very best…Judy

    • Holly Post author

      Hi Judy! How wonderful that you stitch ornaments for your family every year…they’ll always have something to cherish and remember you by. Ten ornaments is a lot – I bet you get started early! My mother stitched a few things for me and they are priceless to me, especially since she had a stroke and can’t stitch anymore. Your family will grow to appreciate the ornaments more as the years go by. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  18. Paula

    I found your blog by way of Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher. I’ve spent the last hour looking at some of your posts. How special is the card your mother stitched for you! “You bring joy to my life”…..I love it. I enjoyed reading the posts about her. She sounds like a wonderful mother. I was sorry to read that she had a stroke. She looks so happy in all of her pictures, especially the one in the car.

    Thank you for posting the sugar cookie recipe. The cookies looked delicious. I’m going to try baking some soon.

    Your Rudolphs are cute. I like the cross stitch one I believe you said your mom stitched for you. I’ve never seen that chart.

    The Hunter’s Moon was my favorite of all the moons. The actual photo was beautiful. I enjoyed all of your moon pictures.

    I wish you much success in your new business endeavor. You’re very talented and creative. Looking forward to your new designs.


    • Holly Post author

      How kind that you spent some time looking through some of my other posts….thank you, Paula. Yes, my mother has always been a very positive person…her caregivers love her and say that they have never worked for such a person like her, who never complains and is always sweet and understanding.

      I just finished my last sugar cookie! I froze a bunch of them and have been eating them here and there to make the goodness last…you’ll love them!

      Yes, the Rudolph chart came from a book I bought years ago, probably at A.C. Moore or something, and included other charts and characters from the series. It’s been so long since I looked at it I can’t remember a whole lot about it…it is in my trunk full of stash so it could take a while for me to dig it out! 🙂

      Please come visit again…you are always welcome!

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