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What’s Your Favorite Color?


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It’s one of the first questions we get asked as a child and one we probably ask others often as adults:  what’s your favorite color?  Knowing someone’s favorite color may tell you a bit about that person’s personality.  I found this infograph very interesting.  My favorite color is purple.  It wasn’t always purple, though.  For years, it was blue.  At some point, I changed my mind and converted to purple.  That seems to be how it is with me.  I’m quite fickle in my likes/dislikes.  I guess I should state that up front before you read this post.  All my “favorites” of today may be quite different a year from now.  So take everything I say with a grain of salt and read it in the spirit of pure entertainment.

Let’s have fun with color.  Go grab your floss boxes, bags, and organizational systems and play a color game with me.  The question?  What’s your favorite color?  More specifically, what’s your favorite floss color (name/number) in each one of the color groupings?  I’ll share mine with you and I’m certainly hoping you’ll share yours with me.  You don’t even have to choose a favorite from every color group – it would be just as fun if you shared your favorite blue, for example.  This activity shouldn’t take a lot of time.  Peruse all the blues you have and quickly decide.  The longer you think about it, the more indecisive you will be.  Choose quickly – you’ll instinctively know which one is your favorite.  If you do this for every color, you may start to see your color preferences.  Maybe you already know them and choosing colors will confirm it for you.  As you will see, it became obvious what my preferences were as I made my choices.

(Disclaimer:  I took all these photos outside in the shade so the lighting is not the best, but you get the idea.  It was a hot day; my only excuse.  Well, that, and the fact that I was too lazy to drag out my Still Life Studio box.)

For all of my color choices, I photographed them in rainbow order (remember Mr. Roy G. Biv?), with the outliers (browns, pinks, etc.) at the end.

I decided to start with silks.  I have a limited amount of silks and most of them are from Classic Colorworks as I got a great deal on them through a liquidation sale a few years ago.  I do not have the complete palette so my choices were just made from the colors I do have.  And the winners…

Red:  Tulip

Orange:  Lasagna

Yellow:  Tie between Cake and Her Crowne

Green:  Miss Green Jeans

Blue:  Blue Lagoon

Purple:  Elegant Eggplant

Pink:  Rose of Sharon

Brown:  Teddy Bear

*Favorite overall variegated silk:  Golden Oak

Favorite silks

Moving on to DMC.  If you have a color card, this will be really easy since they’re grouped by color.

Red:  817

Orange:  720

Yellow:  3820

Green:  905

Blue:  158

Purple:  Tie between 154 and 3834

Brown:  780

Pink:  3712

Blue/Green:  3809

*3886 deserves an honorable mention in the purple category.

Favorite DMC

For the over-dyed flosses, I am choosing my favorite colors from The Gentle Art line of threads, simply because I do have a complete palette.

Red:  Buckeye Scarlet

Orange:  Tomato

Yellow:  Tie between Gold Leaf/Butternut Squash

Green:  Piney Woods

Blue:  Presidential Blue

Purple:  Grape Arbor

Brown:  Tie between Cinnamon/Gingersnap

Pink:  Antique Rose

Favorite variegated color:  Vintage Lace

favorite over dyeds

Favorite over dyeds

I think it’s fairly obvious that my preferences lean towards darker, bold colors.  More jewel tones instead of pastels and muted tones.

Please share your favorite colors in your floss collection/s!

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  1. Robin in Virginia

    I loved seeing your color picks, Holly! We share similar color tastes. My favorite color is blue and it really hasn’t changed much over the years other than which shade. I will say, I am not a big fan of pastels although I do think they have their place. Will be back to share my colors!

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