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Stitching Update


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Good afternoon!  Just a little cross stitch update … nothing earth-shattering, but still fun nevertheless.

For the first time, I decided to order during the Picture This Plus Christmas in July sale.  I had such a difficult time deciding what to order – there are so many choices and so many beautifully colored fabrics.  How I ended up deciding was to just let what I call my creative intuition take over and order which fabrics seemed to speak to me.  Erin at Fairy Tales and French Knots calls this her “Crafty Brain” – I love that she named it.  I really believe it is creative intuition – perhaps I should name mine as she did.

Here are the colors I ordered.  I was very satisfied with each piece; in fact, I’ve already cut into one and am using it in a new design slated for a 2018 release.

From left to right:  Huntress (Lugana 28 ct.), Arbor (Belfast 32 ct.), Relic (Belfast 32-ct.)

Picture This Plus linens

From left to right:  Willow (Lugana 32 ct.), Moss (Lugana 32 ct.), Pickled (Belfast 32-ct.)

Picture This Plus linens

The dark jewel-toned colors always call to me, although I know they are not as easy to stitch on.  If you recall from an earlier post, I purchased “Dusk” in 40-ct.  Still laughing at myself for that one.

In other cross stitching news … I had the idea to cross stitch a bunch of coffee-themed pieces and hang/display them around what I guess could be called my coffee nook.  I love coffee and have for years.  I patronize a local coffee roaster, where I buy whole beans and then grind them myself.  I enjoy a few cups a day – it’s just one of those small pleasures in life for me.  Anyway, I moved all my coffee apparatus on to a moveable cart which sits up next to a wall in the kitchen.  It looks bare and needs some decorative touches.  So the idea was born to cross stitch some things to add a bit of flair to the area.  I purchased several patterns and will get going on them as time allows.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have a lot of time to stitch other things besides my own designs.  I wish that weren’t the case sometimes because there are so many patterns out there I would love to bring to life.  So to start, I’ve been working on Primrose Needleworks’s “Coffee Crossword”.  Here’s the chart and my progress so far.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know which linen I am using – I did not use the called-for linen, just a piece I had in my stash.  This pattern was charted for a combination of DMC/Gentle Arts threads but I’m just using DMC.  I realized after taking this picture that I am missing a dark brown – hmm … I guess it’s around somewhere?  Since I mostly stitch in hand, I move my stitching all over the house and even outside, so sometimes flosses get left behind in one location.

Coffee Crossword

Coffee Crossword

I also couldn’t resist purchasing this pattern.  I know it’s one of three, but I only have number two.  I absolutely love this scene and can see me in it, but that’s probably because I love being near the water.  I also love her Funky Flowers series, and am kicking myself because I didn’t get them when they were released.  I see them around from time to time, but they seem to be a bit hard to find.

The Tidal River

What’s new with you?  New fabrics?  New starts?  Please share!

2 Responses to Stitching Update

  1. Robin in Virginia

    What fun fabrics you picked for your very first PTP Christmas in July sale, Holly! I haven’t seen the Arbor before. You have made good progress on your Coffee piece. I like the By the Bay design and can picture you walking along the shore in my head. I like that term Crafty Brain. Thinking of you!

  2. Annie

    Gorgeous fabric and fun patterns! Love the way the coffee design is showing up. Always tricky to get whites to show up without losing contrast on the darker colors.

    Love By the Bay designs. This one will be fabulous stitched up.

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