Continuing in the Luna Labels series, “Frost Moon” is the third piece that celebrates the colorful full moons, this one being November’s moon.

Frost Moon

If you look closely, you will see half cross stitches with silver metallic floss sprinkled throughout.  I wanted to convey the look of a frost so I randomly placed stitches all over the piece for a little bit of sparkle.

For those of you who may be stitching the Luna Labels series, you may notice some flosses carry over from piece to piece.  Because I am using mostly overdyed floss for these pieces, I tried to save you some money.

And for Christmas, a piece that recalls holidays from long ago, “Christmas Memories”.  I found this sweet saying in a very old Christmas book I picked up at a used bookstore this past spring.  I haven’t been able to find out who wrote it but I love it…it really speaks to me.

Christmas Memories

Enjoy!  This is the perfect time of year to be cross stitching!