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Flower Moon is the ninth piece in the Luna Labels series, featuring the full moon of May.  Flowers are everywhere during the month of May and the moon watches over them all. This piece is stitched with threads from The Gentle Art on 30-count Weeks Dye Works linen (“Sky”) and the stitch count is 49 x 80.

Flower Moon


March Releases


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Pink Moon is the eighth piece in the Luna Labels series, featuring the full moon of April.  The April moon gets its name from the wild ground phlox, which covers the ground and is one of the earliest flowers we see in the spring. This piece is stitched with threads from The Gentle Art on 30-count Weeks Dye Works linen (“Sky”).  Stitch count is 49 x 80.

Pink Moon

Welcome spring to your home with our colorful Spring Band Sampler.  From the first robin to the gentle rains to the beautiful flowering trees and bushes, spring is a magnificent time of the year.  This piece is stitched on 30-count Weeks Dye Works linen (“Honeysuckle”) with DMC threads.  Stitch count is 109 x 194.

Spring Band Sampler

Happy Stitching everyone!



December Releases

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I hope Christmas preparations are going well for everyone.  I have two releases this month, the next two pieces in my Luna Labels series.

“Long Night’s Moon” is the fourth piece in the Luna Labels series, featuring the full moon of December.  The moon shines over the city skyline, illuminating the skyscrapers, bridge and a boat in the harbor as it casts a beautiful shadow in the water. This piece is stitched with threads from The Gentle Art and DMC on 30-count Weeks Dye Works linen (“Sky”).

Long Night's Moon

“Wolf Moon” is the fifth piece in the Luna Labels series, featuring the full moon of January.  A wolf observes from his wintry cave as the moon shines through the pines and the frosty stars twinkle down. This piece is stitched with threads from The Gentle Art and DMC on 30-count Weeks Dye Works linen (“Sky”).

Wolf Moon

Happy stitching!


Fun with Garlands


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I love being creative, especially at Christmas.  This year, I’m on a garland kick.  I’ve been making them as gifts, to decorate my home, to put on packages – I’m having so much fun.  As with all my creative projects, I like to look around in cabinets, drawers and old trunks for crafty things I can use before running out to the store to buy anything.  For my garland fun, I gathered mini canapé cutters, twine, cording, sequins, a hole punch, pom poms, colored pencils, cinnamon sticks and card stock.  I did some prep work by dehydrating oranges several weeks ago (I used blood oranges – what a beautiful color) and I did purchase some gumdrops and miniature candy canes.




After gathering what I needed, it was time for some serious creative fun.

I traced shapes on card stock and hand-drew letters for the garlands that used words.



I made a garland that says ‘Christmas’ and hung it on my calendar.



This one says ‘Rejoice’ above the manger scene.


I took my kitchen curtain down for the season and hung four garlands in the kitchen window, sticking with a kitchen theme of gingerbread, gumdrops, peppermint and oranges with cinnamon sticks.





If you like being creative, try making some garlands.  It’s so relaxing and you’ll love it!


Hunter’s Moon

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Did you see it last night?  It was beautiful and so picturesque over the Pennsylvania countryside … here it is:

Hunter's Moon

The Hunter’s Moon, as interpreted by yours truly…

Hunter's MoonI had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful ladies at The Strawberry Sampler yesterday.  They were so kind and hospitable and their shop is cram-packed with goodies as well as thoughtfully organized.  What does this have to do with the full moon, you may ask?  Well, they are having a full moon sale – 20% off all fabric and floss – what a deal!  If you are fortunate enough to live by this sweet store in Glen Mills, then get yourself over there and stock up!

Have a wonderful weekend!


October Releases

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Continuing in the Luna Labels series, “Frost Moon” is the third piece that celebrates the colorful full moons, this one being November’s moon.

Frost Moon

If you look closely, you will see half cross stitches with silver metallic floss sprinkled throughout.  I wanted to convey the look of a frost so I randomly placed stitches all over the piece for a little bit of sparkle.

For those of you who may be stitching the Luna Labels series, you may notice some flosses carry over from piece to piece.  Because I am using mostly overdyed floss for these pieces, I tried to save you some money.

And for Christmas, a piece that recalls holidays from long ago, “Christmas Memories”.  I found this sweet saying in a very old Christmas book I picked up at a used bookstore this past spring.  I haven’t been able to find out who wrote it but I love it…it really speaks to me.

Christmas Memories

Enjoy!  This is the perfect time of year to be cross stitching!


Luna Labels

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Last month, I started a new series called Luna Labels with the release of “Harvest Moon”.  The names that were given to each month’s moon are so colorful it inspired me to create a series based around the names.  According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the Native Americans named the moons to help them keep track of the seasons.  European settlers joined in the fun and created their own names for some of the moons.  Names such as strawberry moon, green corn moon, snow moon, thunder moon – each name creating a picture of a moonlit night and the quietness it brings.

The beautiful full moon of every month is an inspiration to me.  Growing up, I remember waking up on moonlit nights with the moon’s light spilling all over my bed.  Even now, the light awakens me and I get up in the middle of the night just to gaze out the window at the wonder of the nighttime landscape which is illuminated so beautifully by moonlight.

Speaking of the harvest moon, Gladys Taber says it so perfectly – “the harvest moon is heavy with gold; the stars are polished diamonds.”  And “the full harvest moon is the color of a ripe peach and brings a mellow glow to a quiet earth.”

Photo by qnr

“The moon is…a light that decreaseth in her perfection.  The month is called after her name, increasing wonderfully in her changing, being an instrument of the armies above, shining in the firmament of heaven; the beauty of heaven, the glory of the stars, an ornament giving light in the highest places of the Lord.  At the commandment of the Holy One they will stand in their order, and never faint in their watches.”  ~The Apocrypha (Book of Ecclesiasticus)

If you love the beauty of the full moon, I hope you will consider stitching the Luna Labels series.  “Harvest Moon” and “Hunter’s Moon” have already been released.  Stay tuned for the next piece in the series, “Frost Moon”.


New Releases

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There are four new patterns being released today and here they are!


So excited about this one!  Harvest Moon is the first in a 12-part series called Luna Labels which celebrates the names of the full moons.  The first moon in the series is for the month of September and is appropriately named the Harvest Moon.  Pieces will be released once a month.  I hope you decide to stitch the series – it’s going to be lots of fun!




Look for these patterns soon in your local needlework shop.  If you don’t see them, ask for them!

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