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I know Mother’s Day is still over a month away but with the release of “Mom’s Gift” this month, I thought it appropriate to speak about the woman who inspired the piece – my darling mother.

Mom grew up in the city so stories about her childhood were always fascinating to me.  Stories about running through the back alleys with other children, living in an apartment, whitewashing sidewalks, walking home from elementary school for lunch and Christmas shopping at the city department stores were things unfamiliar to me.  I spent my childhood divided between suburbia and rural living so I loved hearing a different perspective through Mom’s stories – and I still do.

My mother is a lot like her mother, who left us far too soon.  Mom inherited her generosity, loving heart and nurturing ways from my grandmother, who never turned down the chance to spend time with her grandchildren.  I love this picture of them – my grandmother was so beautiful and stylish.

While many mothers today rejoice when summer is over and the kids go back to school, my mother cried when we returned to school after being with us all summer.  She truly loved spending time with us and enjoyed her children fully.  Her amount of patience seemed to be never-ending as she dealt with four children, three of whom were born in the space of three years.  Having her home as I was growing up was such a blessing to me.

My favorite memories are of special notes tucked in our lunchboxes, times when she read aloud to us and the special care we received when we were sick.  Mom lovingly cooked meals for us, day in and day out without complaint.  She colored with us, “camped” overnight on the living room floor with us, made Christmas cookies with us, dressed us up and fixed our hair (burning our foreheads with the curling iron!), and gave us more love than one can imagine.

How can you repay someone who has given you so much?  This was the question I pondered when thinking about my mother.  She gave me my life – such a wonderful gift.  I can honor her by giving her my love.  That’s all she would want and I know it is enough for her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I will always love you.


Mom’s Gift – new release


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Just in time to stitch for Mother’s Day!  This piece was stitched on 40-ct. Weeks Dye Works linen (Parchment) with threads from The Gentle Art.  I dedicated it to my beautiful mother, whom I will write more about in a post closer to Mother’s Day.  This is my Mother’s Day present to her and it will be a surprise since she doesn’t read my blog – she doesn’t own a computer!

If you stitch this for your mother, I hope she loves it and feels honored by you.

This chart will be available soon in your local needlework shop.


Spring Releases


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Spring is in the air at Misty Hill Studio!  It’s still winter outside but I’m thinking ahead with two new releases.

“Little Spring” is second in the Little Seasons series.  The first chart in the series, Little Winter, was released last October.  This one is quick to stitch and will add a little spring color to your home.

Garden Heirlooms celebrates old-fashioned vegetable varieties.  Some of these heirlooms have been passed down from generation to generation.  I’m looking forward to this spring and summer when instead of stitching these veggies, I’ll be eating them.

These patterns have been shipped to my distributor so look for them at your local needlework shop.


More Winter Stitching


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Well, here they are, my new releases!  “One Loving Heart” was stitched on white perforated paper and fits nicely in an envelope, so you can mail that special someone a beautiful Valentine this year.  It would make a lovely gift anytime during the year, not just for Valentine’s Day.

There are many variations of the old country proverb – “as the day lengthens, the cold strengthens.”  It’s very true, at least here in Pennsylvania anyway!  I notice that January can be mild sometimes, even balmy (like yesterday) but as the days grow longer, it gets colder.  February can be quite brutal, especially when there’s a stiff wind blowing.  As I was thinking of this little saying, I had a funny image in my mind of it being so cold that even the snowmen had to get warmed up and so this little piece was born.

These patterns were shipped today so look for them soon in your local needlework shop.

Happy Stitching!


New Patterns for Christmas


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There are two new patterns available from Misty Hill Studio just in time to stitch for Christmas. My first ornament, Holly-day Dreams, was beautifully finished by my sister-in-law, Robin.

Holly-day Dreams

I am a huge gingerbread fan.  I like to eat it and decorate with it.  The idea for this piece came to me rather quickly as I considered all the ingredients one would need to make a gingerbread man.  Mom recited the gingerbread man poem countless times through childhood Christmases so I knew I couldn’t leave that out (thanks, Mom!).  I hope all you gingerbread fans enjoy it!

Sweet Addition

The effects from Sandy are still being felt around here.  Please continue to pray for those who have lost so much and still have so much work ahead of them.



A Sister’s Love

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A sister’s love is forever.  That’s the sentiment I wanted to convey when designing my piece about sisters.  I am very blessed to have two wonderful sisters, Jill and Valerie, beautiful women inside and out.  We are close in age, each a year apart, so we were very close growing up and are still close, even though we live far apart.  They are in all my childhood memories and we continue to make memories together.

“A Sister’s Love” is dedicated to Jill and Valerie for all the ways they have enriched my life and I thank God for them every day.  Forever connected, forever friends………..I will always love you girls!




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Hello and welcome to the Misty Hill Studio blog!  I’m so excited to share my first four designs with you, now available through Hoffman Distributing.  You can check them out through the Gallery link on this website.  I have been in love with cross stitching for years so it’s no surprise I would try my hand at designing as well.  In today’s fast-paced world, it’s so satisfying to pick up a needle and thread and watch a beautiful design come to life on the cloth.  There is nothing like creating something with one’s own hands, whether it’s needlework, a piece of writing, a musical composition, or a work of art – it’s such a sense of accomplishment.  It is my desire to provide you with a design that you would be proud to stitch, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift.  And if you choose to stitch my designs, I would love to hear from you!

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