In the “Mitten” chart from the series A Blue and Silver Christmas, the symbol H should be DMC 824, not DMC 826.

Floral Sentiments

In the Floral Sentiments chart, the words “give thanks” should be DMC 340, represented by a filled-in heart symbol, not the filled-in circle which is on the chart.


“Bell” from A Mid-Century Modern Christmas – the lower left side of the bow is missing 10 (DMC 5200) stitches (I).  The white stitches should be done where there are blank spaces in the chart.

Hunter’s Moon
  • The 0 symbol (used to stitch the moon) is GA aged pewter which replaces the symbol.
  • The four shamrock symbols in the goose flying across the moon should be symbol 0, aged pewter.
  • Also, the symbol should be a symbol, which is GA black crow.
  • The symbol also needs to be added and should be DMC white.
Winter’s Lace  - 5283 is the DMC silver metallic floss.  DMC is changing the number to E168, also known as DMC Light Effects (Precious Metals). 
Little Winter – Should read “French knots were stitched with 1 strand of floss of GA 7021” not WDW 7021